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I Played A Major Rock Festival, This is What I Learned

This past weekend I played guitar for a band called Reach NYC at Welcome to Rockville in Daytona Beach, FL at the Daytona International Speedway.

On this week's episode of Punk Rock 101, i vlogged the entire experience and what it was like to play at the same festival as bands such as Metallica, Distrubed, Slipknot, A Day To Remember, Cypress Hill and so many more.

In this video I give insight to the trip there and back and what to expect when making such a long drive to play a gig; what the festival itself looked like including dressing rooms, artist compound, behind the stage footage and more; as well as break down at the end how YOU can work your way up to performing at similar concerts with your band or project. Truly grateful for the opportunity. Hope this video helps some of you out!

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