Pedalboard Punk

About Us

Shakeout came together by two best friends from Yonkers, NY that wanted to try something different.

Unlike a traditional band biography that will tell you all of the great things the band has accomplished, we’re here to use this place to tell our story. Feeling a click when encountering live music for the first time is magical; it’s what drives us to pursue the dream of creating full-time with a fiery passion. Finding other people with the same mindset is a must. Through this band and our music, we aim to share our journey while building a community that encourages others to do the same. After dabbling in multiple aspects of the music and art world, we have learned the value of sharing experiences to connect with our audience and hope to inspire a positive outlook on the potential of their creativity. 


We are definitely a visual band. We thrive on the novelty of two musicians creating the same sonic energy of five people. We do this by utilizing live looping to demonstrate that less can be more with the right mindset. It’s all about chemistry between the people (or in our case person) that you’re playing with and always playing music that feels genuine and authentic.


At the end of the day, we’re just two dudes named A.J. doing something we love because we want to. We hope you’ll do the same. Create cool shit, do cool shit.  If you’re here, welcome to the Shakeout Squad. You’re great.


A.J. Chia and A.J. Kay



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